5 R&D Approaches Revealed in Shiseido's 'Dynamic Harmony'

Dynamic Harmony
Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Shiseido Co., Ltd. has articulated its R&D philosophy, “Dynamic Harmony,” to strengthen its R&D activities.

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Dynamic Harmony is derived from the origins of Shiseido, a fusion of Western science and Eastern wisdom, which has been pursued since the company’s founding in the Meiji era as Japan’s first private Western-style pharmacy.

Shiseido has established five research approaches to enhance researchers' capabilities from diverse backgrounds around the world. Through these initiatives, the company strives to strengthen its R&D division, and provide new products and better services based on its company’s mission “Beauty Innovations For A Better World”.

“Dynamic Harmony” is focused on these five research approaches:

  1. Inside/Outside: To draw out beauty from inside and outside the skin. The approach focuses on the mechanisms that connect the body, mind, skin, external environment, etc. to draw out the natural, healthy beauty of our users based on holistic thinking.
  2. Functionality/Japan Quality:  To deliver reliable results of quality that are expected of Japan, entailing a balance of functionality and close attention to safety, security and other quality aspects.
  3. Science/Creativity: To help pursue users’ sensibilities via science. This approach uncovers latent subjective sensitivities and feelings through objective science, and offers feelings and experiences of beauty and comfort.
  4. Premium/Sustainability: To achieve both a sense of luxury and coexistence with the environment. This approach is used to create sustainable value that balances the design and feel of the company's products with respect for and coexistence between people, society and the global environment.
  5. Individual/Universal: To better understand consumers and provide them with a tailored beauty experience. This approach meets the needs of consumers by offering personalized solutions.

Shiseido added it will be constantly reviewing and revising its research approaches and even create a sixth and seventh approach in the future.

Watch the full breakdown of these approaches in the video below:

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