Welcome to the Face Haus

In a world populated with blow-dry bars that offer supremely quick and convenient beautifying services, I couldn't help but wonder:

"What if I want a facial, and I want it fast?"

That's where The Face Haus comes in.


Harnessing the same express-delivery method as dry bars and adapting it to skincare, The Face Haus is traversing exciting, new skincare territory.



In addition to the company's commitment to quality products (Dermalogica, Eminence, SkinCeuticals and Suntegrity round out the roster) and services (see below), Face Haus is also committed to supporting the prevention and treatment of skin cancer. One percent of all profits is donated to organizations like the Melanoma Research Fund and The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Now, on to the products and services!

The Face Haus "Standard and Pores Menu" (cute reference, right?) includes a variety of facials for clients to choose from. The list is planned to evolve according to new technology and skincare advanced, as well as client demand. Treatments also include new technology in handheld ultrasonic, micro-current units that assist with ionization, deep-cleansing and product penetration. Here's the menu:

  • "You Glow Girl": Face Haus Signature Facial
  • "Baby Face": The Anti-Aging Facial
  • "Face Plant": The Organic Facial
  • "De-Pimp My Ride": The Acne Treatment Facial
  • "Face-Off": The Guy's Refining Facial
  • "Game Face": The Teen Boy's Facial
  • "Lighten Up": The Brightening Facial
  • "Power to the Peel": The Salicylic or Glycolic Peel Treatment

There's also a selection of $10 Facial Add-Ons:

  • "The Main Squeeze": A 10-Minute/$10 Emergency Spot Treatment
  • "Pore Me": Deep Extractions
  • "Eye Do": Eye Rejuvenation
  • "Pucker Up": Lip Exfoliation
  • "Have a Blast": Micronized Blasts for Product Absorption


My face guru bestowed "Baby Face" upon me—not that I have mature skin per se, but he knew its hydrating benefits would do wonders for my winter-parched face. Using all Eminence products, he restored my face with copious hydration! He also included "Pore Me" extractions and "Pucker Up" exfoliation for my lips. I couldn't believe what a thorough and effective regimen he packed into 30 minutes. It was truly the same caliber as any high-end, darkened-room facial I'd received.

To top it all off, Face Haus has partnered with Press Brothers Juicery to create private-label, cold-pressed juice blends to complement the facial services. I sipped on a blend of lemon, pineapple, apple and mint—so deliciously refreshing!


10/10; would go again. Absolutely.


About the Haus:

Face Haus was founded by three women entrepreneurs, each with a storied background in the entertainment industry. Karey Burke launched her own television company in 2010 and once held the position of Executive Vice President of Prime Time Series at NBC, Dawn Olmstead developed programming for MTV and NBC has executive-produced over eight television series and several films, and Jennifer Worley created "Addatoos - Style Your Shoes" as well as co-authored a non-fiction book and oversaw development of feature film projects at Radar Pictures. Talk about impressive resumes!

Face Haus collaborated with consulting dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer—referred to as "Doc Hollywood" by Vogue!—to develop the service menu.

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