Gossip Girl Here...Sam Brocato is a Wanted Man!


I admit: I'm a Gossip Girl fan. The fashion, the hair, the makeup, the sorted love triangles (or are they hexagons at this point?)—they are all so...not my life. And therefore, I crave them. So, as I devotedly DVR'd last night's episode (and then watched it minus my husband), I found myself rewinding and replaying one part. As Queen B. Blair Waldorf prepares to woo the Girls, Inc. Foundation (which she wants to head up), she tells her devoted right-hand maid, Dorota, "Get me Sam Brocato!"

Sam Brocato? I know Sam Brocato! He's the head of the aptly named (and newly revamped!) Sam Brocato Salon in Soho, and the man behind Brocato hair care. And this man has his hand in the formulation of every product in his line. "I love a demanding market," he told me. "Everyone wants to know the truth. I love that as a forumlator." No wonder he offers up innovative products, such as Curlinterrupted Smoothing System, which takes down curls and kinks minus any harmful ingredients, or Brocato Color Project: DEMI, a color line that replaces demi-color's tradtional MEA with odor-and-lift-free AMP (amino methyl propanol). Of DEMI's ingredients, he states, "I left everything out that didn't to be there."

I assume it's this attention to detail and innovation that had Blair screaming, "Get me Sam Brocato!"

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