R+Co's Concentrates Transform Hair in Just Five Minutes and Are a Perfect Add-On

Randco Concentrates

Offering clients an additional service, such as a mask, remains one of the easiest ways to increase revenue behind the chair. With a newly released line of salon-only, R+Co’s Concentrates single-use treatments are tailored to improve specific issues such as thinning, dryness and color fade.

Randco Gemstone

Gemstone Color Locking Concentrate

Suggested service cost: $25

Provitamins and oils provide intense moisture and protection against color- ravaging stressors, while a clinically proven complex seals in color and moisture, extending color’s vibrancy and dimension.

Standout ingredient: ChromoHance polymer blend seals the shaft, locking in moisture and color so hair stays silky and vibrant longer.

Claim: Reduces damaged hair and repairs split ends for up to 4 weeks.* One treatment retains color vibrancy with visual results for up to 23 washes.*

Randco Dallas

Dallas Thickening Concentrate

Suggested service cost: $25

Inspired by Texas-style volume, DALLAS adds instant visual density to locks for “bigger is better” results. Nourishing plant extracts revitalize the scalp, providing the optimal environment for hair growth and serving as the answer to limp locks.

Standout ingredient: Protein-rich quinoa extract contains amino acids to help reduce split ends as it repairs and fortifies fine hair, strengthening and protecting the hair fiber from roots to ends.

Claim: Increases the fullness of fine hair by 2x after one application.* One treatment repairs damaged hair and split ends with visual results for up to 23 washes.*

Randco Atlantis

Atlantis Moisturizing Concentrate

Suggested service cost: $25

A true antidote to heat styling, reparative extracts deeply penetrate the hair fiber to drench strands in moisturizing antioxidants, making locks instantly more manageable, smooth and supple.

Standout ingredient: Brown algae extract provides nutrients and moisture to both the scalp and hair, helping to nix dryness and frizz.

Claim: Increases moisture levels by 2.5x after one application.* One treatment repairs damaged hair and reduces frizz for up to 4 weeks.*

*Clinical test was done on chemically treated hair exposed to extreme damaging conditions of bleaching, washing, blow-drying, and flat-ironing.

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