Everything You Need to Know About the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Collection

Schwarzkopf Blondme

Stylist-influencer power couple Linh Phan and Maggie Hancock explain why they rely on the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME collection to transition models from dark to light, and what you need to know about the standout color line.

Blonde with a Bond

Phan and Hancock opt for BLONDME for all their major color transformations because “there really is no other lightener like it,” they share. The products are capable of lifting all hair types to Marilyn Monroe levels of blonde, which is perfect for stylists who have clientele with very dark pigmented hair. “Our favorite thing about BLONDME is obviously the truly unmatchable lifting power that it has,” they emphasize, adding, “We need all the power we can get.”

All ingredients in BLONDME are designed to give clients the best blonde experience—mean​ing maximum lightening performance while preserving the bonds in the hair. “We achieve the lightest lifting level by using BLONDME with built-in BOND Enforcing Technology. is ensures hair is protected during any blonding service,” they stress.

Schwarzkopf Blondme Products

The BOND Enforcing Technology is what makes the BLONDME range so unique—there’s no need to add any bonding additive because it’s already present in the color and care range. Succinic acid creates a protective layer when lifting the hair, which protects hair bonds during the service, while hydrolyzed keratin and marula oil add shine and smoothness. “The magnesium citrate in the care range helps to create new bonds, balances pH levels and stabilizes the inner structure of the hair,” the duo explains.

Maggie Hancock Linh Phan

Phan and Hancock's BLONDME Tips and Tricks 

Don't underestimate the lifting power of BLONDME​.

“Stylists should know that BLONDME is very powerful,” explain Phan and Hancock. For this reason, it’s best to avoid a high developer for everyday bleaching. “Doing thin highlighting to the scalp requires only 7-vol. Developer on any level of hair,” they continue. “Get comfortable with 7-vol., then work your way up if you have to use higher developer.”

Use fine sections on dark hair. “When bleaching dark hair, be sure that your sections are fine enough that when you lay one on the palm of your hand you can see skin through the section,” say Phan and Hancock. “This will ensure maximum lift.”

There's no need to use heat with BLONDME. Instead, “place a towel lightly over your client’s head to incubate her natural body heat and decrease processing time,” Phan and Hancock advise.

For more information on BLONDME, visit schwarzkopf-professionalusa.com.


[Top image: Hair: Linh Phan and Maggie Hancock; Photography: David Le]


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