The New Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Lightener Strengthens Hair

Zotos Ultra Bond


Zotos Blonde

The new Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond lightener range protects and strengthens hair to minimize breakage while lifting, highlighting and coloring. Here, colorist Elle Kinney shares how she used the line to achieve this striking blonde.

Built-In Bonding Enforces Bonds and Strengthens Hair

*Combing breakage on damaged hair with Ultra Bond TM Cleanse and Condition/Deep Treatment.

Elle Kinney ColoristGet the Look

Natural Base Level: 6 to 7/Fine Hair

Pre-Existing Color: Inch of
new regrowth and heavy highlights with natural base color throughout

Target Level: Platinum Heat Used: None Timing: 2 hours


Step 1: Apply AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Powder Lightener+ with Ultra Bond 20-vol. Crème Developer to existing natural hair only—half an inch off the scalp through the mid- lengths. Keep lightener off of the scalp and previously highlighted hair to avoid breakage.

Tip: When doing a double- process blonde, apply a ribbon of cotton to the root of each section of hair to ensure that the sections remain clean and protected as you work.

Step 2: Process hair until it reaches a yellow/orange color and then apply Ultra Bond Powder Lightener+ with Ultra Bond 20-vol. Crème Developer to the roots. Watch closely to ensure color lifts evenly.

Tip: A double process (or “bleach and tone”) gets its name from
the two-step process. The toning step is essential for achieving the desired platinum color.


Step 3: Apply equal parts AGEbeautiful Topcoat Toner Pearl Blonde and AGEbeautiful 10-vol. Crème Developer. Process until underlying warmth has been neutralized. Leave on hair for up to 45 minutes. TIP: Choose your toner based on any underlying pigment in the hair. Incorporate blue into your formula to counteract any orange tones and add both violet and blue to counteract yellow-orange tones for a cool result.

Zotos Ultra Bond Lightener Duo

AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Powder Lightener+, in blue tone powder.

Zotos Ultra Bond LineDiscover the full line! Also available in creme lightener+, hyper lifts, developers, and haircare.

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