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Greg Joanne Starkman

Greg And Joanne StarkmanToday's savvy consumers drive the current clean hair care movement thanks to their desire for products that are formulated without toxins or harmful chemicals and are safe for the stylist, client and environment. Curating clean hair care for your salon is smart business because you’ll be in a position to capitalize on the rising demand for clean beauty products. Here, clean hair care brand Innersense Organic Beauty founders Greg and Joanne Starkman answer your questions about clean beauty and what you need to know.

A Simple Promise

Keeping salon performance top of mind, Innersense Organic Beauty offers a complete range of effective, organic hair care products designed by stylists for stylists.

An unwavering commitment to “beauty without compromise” reflects Innersense Organic Beauty’s personal values and its products. The line is formulated with the highest intention and purity, and made without phthalates, ethoxylates, sulfates, silicones, betaines, parabens, petro compounds, propylene and butylene glycol, PEG, MEA, TEA, MIA, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, gluten, and GMOs. Each product is always cruelty-free.

Innersense Organic Beauty uses clean ingredients. What does that mean?

“Clean” ingredients are only as good as how they’re sourced and processed. We start with the purest ingredients and ensure no synthetics or toxic chemicals are used when processing those ingredients. We take hair care one step further, adding intention and ceremony to awaken, enliven, boost, renew and deeply nourish your hair. The result: fall in love with your hair again.Innersense Organic Pure Trio

What's all the hype about clean beauty hair care?

Many conventional products include cosmetic ingredients like silicones, resins, microplastics, and other synthetics that may build up and compromise hair’s integrity over time. In contrast, plant-based ingredients promote the health of the hair minus weighty buildup. As professional salon hair stylists ourselves, we understand the importance of product performance; our top priority is effective, plant-based formulations that deliver the amazing results that both you and your clients have come to expect.

What are your top products recommendations?

For all hair types, we suggest Pure Harmony Hairbath organic shampoo, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. Because our products are formulated to work together, we always recommend using the line’s accompanying styling products based on styling preferences.

Join the clean hair care revolution by visiting innersensebeauty.com/professional, and discover a special-priced introductory kit at 50-percent-off for salon owners and stylists new to Innersense Organic Beauty.

Can your products pass the organic shampoo test? 

Here's What Stylists Are Saying About Clean Beauty Performance

“In a world where one can often feel like a number, forming relationships with people who we do business with will always make all the difference! Cheers to Innersense Organic Beauty and the salons who support them! We are the change makers!” - Alejandra Martinez, Abloom Salon and Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona.

“We can’t control everything we come in contact with but hair products are something we each use every day. I can feel great about selling these products to our clients because they are so pure and they work incredibly well on the hair, it’s a total win-win.” - Andrea Neal-Thiessen, Gilded Fox Salon, Portland, Oregon.

“Truly, Innersense as a whole never lets us down. The products don’t just perform as expected, but better than we could have imagined.” - Stacey Kaptain, Detox Salon, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“In keeping our products natural, we are not putting toxins, silicones or parabens in the hair which hinder growth and health. As an owner, I have provided myself and my stylists confidence to recommend great products with great results.” - Cala Renee Mahoney, Cala Renee Salon, Beverly, Massachusetts.

Ready to try clean hair care or want to join the clean beauty revolution?

Contact Innersense Organic Beauty today! Stylists can call 925-952-9700 or email wholesale@innersensebeauty.com.


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