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Mydentity Balayage

Inarguably one of pro-beauty’s biggest stars, Guy Tang has executed some of Instagram’s most-liked balayage haircolors, which “wow” as much in person as they do on screen. Here, Tang shares one of his favorite balayage formulas with Beauty Launchpad, as well as the products he used to get the look.

Guy Tang Balayage Haircolors


Balayage: Use #Stroke7 Rosé Balayage Lightener + 30V THICC Activator (1:3). Process for 35 to 45 minutes.

Roots: On damp hair, glaze using X-PRESS Toner Sand Storm + 6V Developer (1:2).

Mid-Lengths and Ends: On damp hair, use equal parts X-PRESS Toner Sand Storm + Demi-Permanent Crystal Clear + 6V Demi-Permanent Developer (1:2). Process for up to 5 minutes, then rinse.

Mydenitity Balayage Haircolors




#Stroke7 Rosé Balayage Lightener

  • Allows up to seven levels of lift in a single application.
  • Rosé-tinted powder.
  • Patent-pending ElastiShell Technology allows for a flexible cast with minimal flaking for even lift.
  • Processes in 35 to 45 minutes (1:3).
  • Lavender fragrance.

THICC Balayage Activators

  • Designed for #Stroke7 to create a unique, creamy consistency.
  • Effortless spreadability for a flawless blend.
  • When mixed with #Stroke7, the product rests on top of each painted section for added natural- looking dimension (for a bolder balayage, press harder into the hair).
  • Lavender fragrance.

Stroke It Out Balayage Kit Contents.

  • (3) THICC 30V Balayage Activators.
  • (1) #Stroke7 Rosé Balayage Lightener.
  • (10) Mesh Sheets.
  • (1) Paddle.
  • (1) Large Brush. 
  • (1) Mixing Bowl.
  • (1) Comb.
  • (1) Small Brush.

For more info, visit mydentitycolor.com and follow @guytang_mydentity

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