Hair Color How To: Silvery Lavender by Hollie Jacques

Silver/grey hair color is a huge trend this year, but it can be hard to pull off in real life. When stylist Hollie Jacques had a client come in wanting to test the silver hair color waters without completely diving in, Jacques was able to create this perfect in-between shade that's part blonde, part silver, part lavender, and completely stunning! Below, Jacques shares how she created this beautiful, dimensional color.

Get the Look:
"This client is a regular of mine and loves to be a dimensional cool blonde," says Jacques. "She recently decided that she wanted to try the grey trend, but was nervous about going full throttle with it, so I decided to test the waters at our most recent balayage touch-up appointment."

Natural level: 6

Balayage formula:  
Matrix Lightmaster + 40 volume and Olaplex for insurance
"Paint hair starting at the nape of the neck and work up to the front hairline in a brick lay pattern. Cover hair with Saran Wrap to keep product from drying out. Rinse when desired level of lift is achieved.

Silver formula:
"At the bowl, after rinsing lightener out, towel-dry hair thoroughly. Mix Fanola color 1 oz 9.11, 2-inch line of silver intensifier, and a pea size of blue intensifier. Process for 10 minutes (the hair looks electric blue at this point; don't panic!). After rinsing, some pieces were still too warm for my liking, so I picked those out and applied Redken Shades EQ equal parts 8v and 6t and processed for only 3 minutes, just long enough for them to turn.

"Finished by applying Olaplex #2, shampoo and conditioner.

"She LOVED the outcome and can't wait to go completely silver next time!"

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[Images courtesy of Hollie Jacques]

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