NYFW Hair: Roughed Up, Textured Waves at FRAME Denim A/W 2015

Lead Hair Stylist Tamara McNaughton for Cutler/Redken Salon explains, “The FRAME Denim girl has a relaxed attitude and bohemian sensibility. Using Ali MacGraw’s 1970’s youthful beauty and iconic style as our reference point this season, we departed from the typical ‘perfect hair’ seen in fashion and created a natural realism with very loose, roughed up, textured waves.”

1. Starting with wet hair, apply Cutler Volumizing Spray throughout, placing an emphasis on the roots, to establish a solid base for the look.

2. Next, create a clean part down the center and, using a round brush, blow dry hair section by section.

3. Fashion natural looking waves by using a 2 inch barrel curling iron to curl hair, starting from the back of head and working your way to the front. (Tip: this curling action is meant to enhance texture and movement, so keep the curls loose and steer clear of the roots.) Simultaneously, spray Redken Fashion Works 12 Versatile Hairspray to lock in the shape.

4. Finish by tousling hair for a messy, easy look. Apply Redken Fashion Waves 07 Texturizing Sea Spray liberally throughout, massaging at the roots and working it into the ends, for additional texture and hold.

Styling Products Used:
Cutler Volumizing Spray, $21.00, CutlerSalon.com
Redken Fashion Works 12 Versatile Hairspray, $22.00, ShopSalon.com/SalonStore/CutlerSalon
Redken Fashion Waves 07 Texturizing Sea Spray, $19.00, ShopSalon.com/SalonStore/CutlerSalon

[Images courtesy of Siren PR]

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