The 17 Best Celebrity Bangs

Some hair trends come and go, but fashionable fringe is one timeless look that's always chic. Whether wispy, sleek, choppy, or long, bangs can elevate any basic hairstyle from bland to beautiful. It's an easy and fun way for clients to switch up their look without losing any length or undergoing a drastic hair color change.

Get inspired with our list of the 17 best celebrity bangs, below!

1. Zooey Deschanel


The 50's pinup model was known for her trademark short, rounded, jet-black fringe. [pagebreak]

3. Audrey Tautou


After her role in Amelie, in which Audrey sported short, choppy fringe, the French actress switched to soft, wispy bangs to complement her feminine pixie. [pagebreak]

4. Kerry Washington


The Scandal star has sported many different looks, but this ultra-long, ultra-straight fringe is our favorite! [pagebreak]

5. Brigitte Bardot


The 60's bombshell was known for her voluminous, blonde locks and long, romantic bangs. [pagebreak]

6. Taylor Swift


Taylor complemented her new, trendy "lob" with soft, side-swept bangs. [pagebreak]

7. Lily Allen


Bright, bold colors add some fun to Lily's long, sleek fringe. [pagebreak]

8. Tyra Banks


Long, full fringe adds interest to Tyra's sleek, blonde strands. [pagebreak]

9. Justin Bieber


Before the run-ins with the law, Justin made tween girls everywhere swoon with his signature swoop of fringe. [pagebreak]

10. Louise Brooks


Known for popularizing the bob haircut, Louise made blunt bangs famous. [pagebreak]

11. Alexa Chung


Alexa's long, wispy, often center-parted fringe has inspired countless women around the globe to follow suit. [pagebreak]

12. The Beatles


Before Justin Bieber, the Beatles' mop tops made boy bangs insanely popular. [pagebreak]

13. Reese Witherspoon


Soft, wispy, side bangs accent Reese's romantic, blonde curls. [pagebreak]

14. Jessica Biel


Jessica's full, slightly-rounded, eyebrow-skimming fringe perfectly complements her long, shiny strands. [pagebreak]

15. Anne Hathaway


After going short for her role in Les Miserables, Anne added wispy, feminine fringe. [pagebreak]

16. Emma Stone


Long, side-swept bangs pair perfectly with her new, coppery bob hairstyle. [pagebreak]

17. Aubrey Hepburn


Aubrey's short, wispy bangs complemented her iconic pixie cut.

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