Watch: The Modern Geometric Cut by Ruth Roche

Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, debuted three cuts for Fall 2014 inspired by shape-over-shape, mixed mediums and the 60’s. It started with the 60’s Bob, then the Modern Pixie and now, Modern Geometric.

“This Modern Geometric cut incorporates the ‘menswear for women’ and 60’s vibes of the season. It’s a short cut with more texture than the original 60’s look, the undercutting echoes the ‘shape on shape’ trend, and the vibrant red color really makes it pop,” says Roche.

1. Using a horseshoe section on natural level 10 with Redken Shades EQ, apply 06CC at base and work out to 08 CC on the ends. “So what you get on the top is a deep underneath base and a pop of the lighter 06CC coming through,” says Roche.

1. Create a horseshoe section on the top and clip out of the way. Underneath, pull vertical sections straight out from the head and use a razor for the back.

2. For the top, cut on dry hair – have some fun, you don’t always have to cut hair wet. Point cut with shears to keep long enough to lie over the previously cut razored sections. Shears are used here to create a textured edge with thickness. Tip: When point cutting on dry hair, hold fingers 1-inch above the guideline so the points of the shears can go past the guideline to create a softer texture.

3. To break the heaviness in the front and still keep the style flat to the head, use the Curtain Technique: pinch small sections of hair between the thumb and index finger and with the shear about 1-inch from the perimeter, work out to the perimeter to bevel a little weight off and break up the edge.
The end result is a short cut with lean small sides and a longer top that is curved and geometric in feel – it has a heaviness to it for a 60’s vibe, yet the texture makes it sleek, chic and on trend.

[Image/video courtesy of Glow Communications]

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