Lena Dunham's Soft, Wedge-Worthy Emmy Awards Hairstyle

When creating Lena's look stylist Rheanne White wanted to show the versatility of the bowl cut.

1. Beginning with damp hair, Rheanne combined a gel and serum in order to create a bit of hold but maintain movement throughout the look.
2. Next, she sectioned the hair with clips and used a T3 Anti-Gravity 2” Barrel Brush to blow dry the hair with the T3 Evolution LongLife dryer, focusing on drying towards the front.
3. Starting mid-shaft to the ends, Rheanne then used the T3 Fahrenheit450 Flat Iron to flat iron the hair while creating a beveled look.

Tools used:
T3 Evolution LongLife dryer,
T3 Fahrenheit450 Flat Iron
T3 Anti-Gravity 2”
Barrel Brush

[Image: David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment]

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