Get the Look: Magnificent Magenta by Robin Dorton

Stylist Robin Dorton recently helped a client go from faded, grown-out color to a gorgeous, rich magenta. Below, she shares the steps she took to create the look!

1. Pre-lightened mid-shafts through ends with Blondor and 20 volume two times for 30 minutes each time, then at the roots for 20 minutes.

2. Applied Joico Color Intensity's Indigo and new shades - Magenta & Orchid - taking triangle sections around the head, alternating the colors from roots to halfway down the hair shaft, then switching to the next color. This was done with a very free-form technique so there were no lines and no foils needed.

3. Processed under the dryer 20 minutes.

[Image courtesy of Robin Dorton via Facebook]

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