A New Take on Hat Hair by Aziza Rasulova

ARROJO Stylist and emerging young talent Aziza Rasulova was inspired while flipping through a book at Barnes and Noble to create a series of gorgeous hairstyles made to mimic the appearance of intricate hats.

Says Rasulova, "The inspiration for this collection came from a book about elaborate hats that I was lucky to run into at Barnes and Noble. Every picture and every hat was very well designed. I was fascinated about the structure, style, fabric, color, proportions and uniqueness of every hat that was presented. I thought the hair could replicate the hat, to become women's biggest accessory. The way the photographer shot the collection allowed us to have even more feminine and dreamy feel to it."

By braiding models' real hair into elaborate shapes, Rasulova creates a collection, titled Hair as a Hat, that is both avant-garde and downright stunning. Flip through to see more images from the collection! [pagebreak]


Hair: Aziza Rasulova
Make up: Olga Stover
Photographer: Arseniy Grobovnikov
Model: Evgenia Sizanyuk  
Photo Retouch: Mark Olivan

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