Braided Beauty by Kimberly Simon

Hairstylist Kimberly Simon recently created this gorgeous twist on a braided headband for a client. The look is casual enough for a weekend of relaxing by the pool or the beach, yet elegant enough for a more formal evening event as well. Below, Simon lists the steps she took to create this fun hairstyle!

Get the Look:
1. Starting with a deep side part, start French braiding the hair from one side to the other, creating a "headband" with the braid. As you're braiding, leave out the section closer to the back of the head and grab new hair from underneath the braid and continue braiding.

2. Once braid is complete, tease hair at crown and back of head for volume.

3. Smooth hair on top and fasten hair with clear elastic.

4. Take the braid and wrap around the ponytail and fasten with bobby pin underneath.  

[Image courtesy of Kimberly Simon via Pinterest]

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