The Glamour Collection by Carlos Vidal for LAKMÉ

Carlos Vidal, Creative Director of LAKMÉ, was inspired by the 1950’s when creating the Glamour Collection, relying on notions of sensuality, elegance and sophistication. Vidal blended fantasy and sophistication with touches of Fifties glamour for an overall look that commands attention. Using "Tie & Dye" and Balayage coloring techniques, Vidal was able to create a range of natural tones from light blonde to mahogany brown.

Says Vidal, “To create the Glamour collection, I wanted to capture the sophistication of the 1950’s in looks that range from very straight hair to wavy to extremely curly hair. As far as color is concerned, I use long-lasting techniques, adaptable to every woman, because to me that is the essence of glamour, the ability to adapt trends to each individual personality.”

Vidal used the LAKMÉ coloring system, including COLLAGE, permanent coloring now without PPD; CHROMA, permanent coloring without ammonia; GLOSS, tone on tone coloring; and K.BLONDE, bleaching with a luminous finish.

[Images courtesy of LAKMÉ]

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