Backstage Beauty: CZAR by Cesar Galindo Fall 2014

To conceive the creations for his CZAR Fall/Winter 2014 line, Mexican-American designer Cesar Galindo considered the needs of a modern woman who’s always on the go. Technology allows for exceptional mobility, meaning that business can be conducted in a café, on a New York City sidewalk or at an evening event. A gal this flexible needs a tractable wardrobe to match, thus his collection, Altered States, boasts a kaleidoscope of digital graphics and easy-to-wear print patterns in purple, blue and gray.

A square, rockabilly hairdo with a distorted silhouette complements the designer’s vision. O&M creative director Janelle Chaplin first preps dry tresses with a healthy root-to-end dose of O&M Rootalicious Root Lift Spray. She blow-dries using a paddle brush, pulling strands backward from the hairline, then teases tresses at the crown with a fine-tooth comb to infuse height. A dollop of Style Guru Styling Cream combined with Frizzy Logic Shine Serum work to tightly slick-back sides, lending a wet look. Several spritzes of Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray nearly complete the look. We say nearly because there’s a sci-fi bent to this style: Chaplin rubs swipes of color using Holi powder in one of two intense shades, screaming purple or electric blue, through sleeked sides, guaranteeing a high-pigment transition from day to night.  

Nails are equally versatile, with manis that flatter any outfit, even active wear. Lead artist Rose Velez-Miggins, owner of doorBella Creative Concierge and education director for La Palm Spa Products, starts with a swipe of Midnight Black by Gel Color II as the base coat. Gel II’s Metallic then grooves a deep, diagonal stripe, extending from the left corner of the cuticle to the right side of the free edge. “Finally, we use a color-traveling dry medium to create precious-metal shine and texture in the lunula of the nail,” explains Velez-Miggins. Combined with the Fire and Smoke makeup — heavily contoured eyes, chiseled cheeks and neutral lips, rendered by key Mary Kay Cosmetics artist Ashunta Sheriff — the results are unforgettable.

-Francesca Moisin

[Photos courtesy of O&M; Getty Images]

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