SAG Awards Beauty: Julie Bowen's 70's-Inspired Hairstyle

At the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards, celebrity hair stylist Jill Crosby used T3 products to give actress Julie Bowen a 70's-inspired hairstyle. With Hollywood icon Brigitte Bardot in mind, Crosby modernized the classic voluminous, disheveled ponytail by adding just a touch more polish.

Get the Look:
1. In order to create Bowen's look, Crosby began by blow drying the front of her hair using the T3 Evolution LongLife dryer with the T3 SoftTouch Diffuser and a 2” bristle round brush.

2. Next, Crosby added a lot of mousse for texture and twisted and scrunched into the roots with her hands.

3. Crosby then pin-curled loose, big, round curls to create sweeping, loose, draped bangs.

4. Crosby continued to dry the hair, working her way around to the sides.

5. Once dry, Crosby back-combed at the roots to add some height.

6. Next, Crosby began adding extensions in the center, above the nape to add length for the “Bardot Ponytail” and help create shape for the look.
Expert Tip: Treat the extensions first so they have texture and marry with the look.

7. Crosby added the extensions, stacking them one on top of the other, creating shape.

8. She then used her fingers to create a low ponytail at the nape while pulling the hair tight around the sides.

9. To finish, Crosby used a sticky pomade on the pin curls to separate them but still maintain the swept bangs, and applied additional pins to tighten the side curls, finishing with hairspray.

[Image: Getty Images]

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