Before and After: Bliss By Nicole Martin

A specialist in long hair, Nicole Martin of Nicole Martin Hair in Aliso Viejo, CA is known for her hair extension work as well as her love of bridal hairstyles. In her new series, "Bliss," Nicole reveals two dramatic makeovers that showcase both gorgeous everyday wear and elegant bridal looks.

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Makeover 1: Ellie

Nicole started with Ellie's naturally curly, fine-textured hair, with a length that reached just past her shoulders. Nicole then added hair extensions to provide greater length and density to Ellie's thin strands, especially near the bottom. Nicole applied three colors of 18-inch hair extensions using micro-bead flat tracks. Then, to blend the extensions subtly with Ellie's natural hair, she cut longer layers. The final result was voluptuous and lengthy locks with fullness on top and wave through the length.

Get the Look:
Starting on damp hair, apply Kevin Murphy Body Builder to smooth and build volume. Next, blow-dry with a round brush. Let hair set in rollers to cool and to help hold style for a soft wavy bend. Remove rollers, add Kevin Murphy Powder Puff at the root for texture and volume, smooth the top layer with a boar bristle brush and finish with Kevin Murphy Session Spray.

To create Ellie's bridal look, Nicole took sections of hair and loosely looped, tucked and secured into an elegant updo.

Get the Look:
Starting on dry hair, add Kevin Murphy Powder Puff at the root and back-brush sections using Session Spray. Starting at the back to create a good base, roll sections and sew them into place. Mist with more Session Spray to finish.

Makeover 2: Syd

Syd's natural hair was a soft red color with straight, flat strands. Her previously single-length strands were extremely dry, especially on the ends. Syd did not want color, so instead Nicole applied a deep conditioning treatment to boost shine. Golden hair wefts were added for length and volume using 18-inch extensions sewn on to clips. Once hair was clipped in, Nicole added low, razor-cut layers for texture and movement. The finished look was a soft, flared outward style that featured smooth, volumized roots, a side part and a flutter of wave through the length.

Get the look:
Apply Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity all over and rough-dry. Apply hair extensions; cut to blend and then mist with Hair Resort and curl sections all back using a large iron. Shake hair out using your fingers and add Shimmer Shine.

For Syd's bridal look, Nicole crafted a soft, touchable and romantic tied-back hairstyle that emphasizes the length and texture of Syd's strands.

Get the Look:
Take existing curl, grab a small section from each side and tie it into a knot in back leaving the ends out. Continue with more sections all the way down and finger-style the ends for a textured finish. Add Kevin Murphy Session Spray to finish.

Hair: Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin Hair – Aliso Viejo, CA
Makeup: Jaime Queenin
Wardrobe: Kasha Meyers
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

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