Dirt for Men Helps Modern Men Look Younger and Healthier

Introducing Dirt for Men – a new, compelling, results driven anti-aging skincare line devoted solely to helping modern men look younger, healthier and more successful in their personal and professional life.  With its ethos of “Unashamedly Masculine,” D4M understands men and their skin, and does it in a way that is masculine, credible and keeps simplicity in mind.


D4M has four points of difference compared to other men’s ranges.  These include:


  • Masculinity: D4M has packaged its products with masculinity in mind so men can take them into a locker room or put them on a bathroom shelf without drawing attention to what they are.  D4M also uses citrus scents instead of perfumes and uses serums, not creams.
  • Anti-Aging: Products are clinical-strength formulas that help reduce the signs of aging and can help manage certain skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.
  • Credibility: Co-founded by Plastic Surgeon & Reconstructive Surgeon, Andrew Ives, who also plays a key role in devising its product range to ensure effectiveness.
  • Simplicity: Contains only the key products men need to ensure effectiveness, while addressing cleansing, anti-aging and topical treatments. 


The simplistic D4M range consists of the following:


  • Anti-Aging: Recharge PM (Vitamin A) and Charge AM (Vitamin C) serums, which together assist in reducing the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, sun damage and hydrate and tighten the skin’s elasticity.
  • All-Purpose: Shave & Facewash and B-Balm (Vitamin B moisturizer) prepare you to face the elements.
  • Problem Skin: Topical treatments for skin conditions common amongst adult men (adult acne and rosacea), with Deep Facewash (an exfoliant) and Red Alert (anti-inflammatory).


With the workforce and society in general fast making the link between looking good and professional success, the choice is clear – D4M’s anti-aging skincare gives men a competitive advantage over and above their qualifications, experience and younger counterparts by helping them look younger, healthier and fresh-faced.   


D4M’s products contain 100% natural ingredients and are never tested on animals.


For more information, please visit dirtformen.com.

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