Hair Tips: Perfect Fall Color for Any Tone

A new season means a new a new hue! Dark hues are always in style, but never more than in the chillier fall and winter months. It's time to embrace the bold, new trend by gradually going darker over time. Ben Everin, Senior Hair Colorist at Antonio Prieto Salon has the following tips for achieving the perfect fall color for any tone. Click through the next three pages to see advice for picking the best shade of blonde, red, and brunette!
Balayage blondes are the trend of the season. Not to be confused with ombre, these blondes have deeper, more subtle highlights at the scalp, increasing with intensity to bright ends. This allows a more natural grow out. Assure clients not to be afraid of lowlights. Blondes often find this the most dreaded phrase, but lowlights provide contrast, making the existing blonde look brighter and healthier. The balayage technique lends well to bright, golden shades. Silver will also become one of the hottest trends this seasons in the salon as well. A few streaks of silver underneath the part are fine. More than that, and hair will fade to a dingy disaster after a few shampoos. Those silver haired celebs you see? All wigs. Don't be fooled. Silver extensions also do the trick.


For blondes thinking of going red, first do a strawberry semi permanent glaze. This way, a client can see if she wants to commit, because red is HARD to remove. Red can be a great way to change hair color, but unfortunately, skin color dictates the shade, and not any trend. Failure to match the complexion with the right red can leave her looking washed out and just plain wrong. For paler shades, orange, coppery shades work best. For olive and darker skin, adding a bit of a violet shade works best. Think eggplants and maroons. Still unsure of which shade? Plain old RED works best. This will be a true red, or variation of it.


Finally, brunettes are the IT color of the season. An easy way to spice up your basic brunette is to paint on some lighter pieces towards the ends, a more subtle ombre that's here to stay. Think caramels for paler skin, and cinnamons for darker or more olive complexions. Is your client tired of her black hair but doesn't want to commit to a damaging color correction? This technique is the perfect solution and works great with black tones as well.

[Courtesy of Antonio Prieto Salon; d2]

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