Meet the NAHA Finalists: Frank Rizzieri

Name:   Frank Rizzieri
Salon:   Rizzieri Salons
Finalist Category:  NAHA Master Stylist Finalist

Reason I became a hairstylist: Coming from a long line of hairdressers I discovered at an early age that not only was hairdressing in my bloodline it was also my passion.   My inspiration was my parents, working hard along side of them at a very young age, I knew that there was no other profession for me then being a hairdresser. As I gained more experience and exposure to what the many opportunities this craft can bring you I learned that hairstyling is a wonderful medium to express your creativity at so many levels.

Best advice I would give to a new hairstylists starting out: Hairstyling is a calling and those that aspire to be stylists in the beauty industry will be rewarded with a most satisfying career.  My advice would be to use your talent creatively, don’t be in rush.  Use your beginning years to surround yourself with great talent and be inspired and learn from them, volunteer to assist them and continue to learn, be respectful and honest as you move through your career and don’t burn any bridges. 

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