CPNA to Focus on Influence of Branding and Color

Today’s most dynamic brands capture consumers with powerful visuals, clever copy and eye-catching packaging. Using these principles, smart companies place strong focus on resources to develop a powerful, cohesive visual presence that instantly connects with their target market. However, too often at small entrepreneurial companies the process is dictated by personal choice without a thorough understanding on the psychology of color. We are intuitively predisposed to certain colors, but are consumers responding the same way to your color selections?
Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) introduces a special session in collaboration with the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) called, “Color Your World: Your Brand in Color.” This session will provide a glimpse into the psychology of color, the factors controlling our cultural pre-dispositions to certain colors, and the associations with color combinations that designers evaluate as they develop a brand’s visual elements. Furthermore, this session will elaborate on how the package can become an integral part of the brand’s appeal through unique collaborations with artists and designers.
Join CPNA and three industry experts as they discuss how color/design plays an important role in packaging design, and how it can ultimately affect what consumers' purchase. Moderated by Pamela Busiek, President and CEO of ICMAD, the “Color Your World: Your Brand in Color” session will be held at Cosmoprof North America on Sunday, July 22, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Daniel Kiyoi | tarteTM cosmetics | Associate Art Director
– Daniel Kiyoi’s strong sense of personal style and passion for color and texture led him to pursue a career with major consumer product brands (where fashion meets beauty) such as Smashbox, where he worked as an Associate Art Director, Bumble and bumble, where he excelled as the Assistant Manager of Visual Merchandising, and now currently tarteTM cosmetics, where he works as the Associate Art Director. Kiyoi will highlight what color and design schemes work with today’s popular brands and why they are so effective.
Kelly Kovack | The Color Association / Brand Growth Management | Chair of the Beauty Forecast Committee / Partner
– As an advisor and creative strategist, Kelly Kovack has advised an eclectic array of clients ranging from multi-billion dollar brands like Old Navy and Mattel to notable independents like Zirh and 21 Drops. Kovack has also developed brands of her own such as her recent venture, the award-winning fragrance brand, Odin, co-founded in collaboration with the New York fashion brand. Kovack will discuss the latest trends on color as it relates to branding.

Vita Raykhman | Amika | Creative Director – Vita Raykhman has been creating and developing brands for almost a decade. She leads the vision at Amika, a brand that has rejuvenated the beauty category with its creative excellence, integrated strategies and innovation. Over the years, Vita has created compelling and lasting corporate identity solutions at some of New York’s top agencies, including Interbrand and TM/R. Raykhman will discuss how to build a successful brand by creating a strong and distinct personality, that is appealing and engaging, yet flexible with the ability to reinvent itself.

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