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Only Hue Full PlayPlay up shapely, robust arches—and their anorexic opposites—with a host of new brow products.

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While the general rule for women’s facial hair is zero tolerance, full brows receive a big thumbs up from beauty pros. The newest bountiful brow denotes health and youth, and grants women a “natural, carefree look,” says CARA Cosmetics founder Leslie G. Christin.

Mosin Khan, director of Shapes Brow Bars found throughout Texas and Illinois, points to the beauty benefits of the bigger brow. “Spring’s healthy, full brow frames the face; draws more focus to the eyes; lends definition and sleekness to the face; and creates a bolder appearance.”

Though brows are ample, they certainly aren’t wild. “Brows are still groomed and tweezed, but without the super-arched look of years past,” says Christin. And a well-groomed arch can do for women what going under the knife and needle can—without the doctor’s visit, according to Natalie Plain, owner of Beverly Hills brow fixer Billion Dollar Brows. “Groomed eyebrows can take years off of your looks,” she says. “We believe in keeping brows thick and natural looking, but with a great arch. Too many women over-pluck their brows, causing their faces to look a lot older than they really are.”

Those with feeble brows needn’t toss in the beauty towel, however. If they’ve gone all plucky, which Plain dubs a “huge epidemic,” the newest products will remedy the situation. Growth serums, such as Billion Dollar Brow’s Brows Boost, promise to help accelerate and promote regrowth of over-plucked arches.

For those who sport naturally slim brows, Plain, Christin and Khan point to the crop of new mineral brow powders, brow-tinting wands and draw-by-the-number stencils. But make sure that you stress to your clients the importance of seeking out a pro with brow know-how. Says Khan, “A true professional will always look at the shape of the face, the natural arch line, and the thickness of the brows before deciding on the brow shape.”

Hypoallergenic CARA Cosmetics 2-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil goes on easily with no smearing, skipping or running.

Vitamin E-enriched Colorlab Blondie Sketch Stick conditions as it fills in slim brows, and includes an angle brush for superior blending.

Easy-to-apply Emani Cosmetics Duo Brow Filler comes in an array of hues to ensure perfect, natural-looking color.

Mineralogie Brush-on Brow Gel provides long-lasting color and shape, and comes in eight different shades to complement any brow color.

Clear Mirabella Beauty Brow Stay gel sculpts and defines brows without caking or flaking.

Product Tip

“Add a brow powder color only in areas that are sparse, or use a brow gel with upward strokes to keep brows in place,” Christin suggests. Top off the look with “a dot of highlighter under the arch of the brow to give an uplifting look to the eye.”

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