Beauty News: YUKO Adds Deep Conditioning Treatment to its Professional Salon Service Line

YUKO, the originator of the Japanese Hair Straightening technique, launches its DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT BY YUKO, a new salon service that offers a moisturizing treatment to smooth the hair while providing vital proteins and nutrients to promote a healthy, lustrous look.
The new deep conditioning treatment features the hair industry’s latest moisturizing ingredient: meadowfoam seed oil. Originally used in skin and makeup products, this unique oil is light weight and does not simply coat the hair like many other products. Meadowfoam seed oil allows hair to breathe by bonding and nourishing deep into the hair when heated. Additionally, the oil serves as a bonding ground for YUKO’s unique blend of naturally-derived ingredients including silk, soy and wheat protein. DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT BY YUKO’s gentle, safe and natural formulation improves the hair’s health, softness and shine. This heat-activated treatment smoothes and closes hair cuticles, locking in moisture and nutrients. Performed by a salon professional in less than one hour, DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT BY YUKO lasts an average of 10 washes.
YUKO is the originator and patent owner behind the internationally recognized thermal reconditioning hair straightening process that successfully straightens hair without damage. YUKO Hair Straightening and the semi-permanent smoothing treatment ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO are currently available at more than 70,000 salons worldwide. DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT BY YUKO is being picked up by salons as a great addition to the suite of YUKO professional services. Unlike YUKO’s other salon treatments that aim to straighten and relax hair, the deep conditioning treatment does not change the hair’s pattern, shape or structure. Instead it restores, moisturizes and smoothes hair, giving it vital nutrients and proteins to make hair healthier.
“We’re excited to add the new DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT BY YUKO to our line of salon services,” says founder Yuko Yamashita. “This treatment utilizes many of the same naturally-derived ingredients found in our anti-frizz treatment, but focuses more on nourishing hair with a unique combination of innovative oils and proteins. The process seals cuticles, locking in moisture for smooth, healthy hair.”
Additionally, YUKO recently launched their ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO Home Hair Care Line. Based on their in-salon anti-frizz treatment, the new products make the line the most comprehensive home care set YUKO offers. YUKO has been an established brand in the beauty industry since 1996 and is best known for its internationally-patented hair straightening process. The YUKO system incorporates innovative Aqua-Gold technology into hair products and treatments that allows ingredients in hair solutions to deliver consistent and thorough results while helping to create harmony and balance in health, wellness and beauty.

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