Nail News: Gelish Presents All About the Glow Teaser Video

Gelish® All About the Glow commercial is now officially available to view and download. As the brainchild of Gelish® CEO and Founder Danny Haile and video department members Curtis David and Jon Shaw, the 50 second visual interpretation (which features custom CGI effects and animations) is meant to stimulate and enhance the viewer’s experience.
Taking the concept  of “bright city lights and party glow sticks,” which was crafted by Haile himself, David and Shaw both ran with the idea and developed their own interpretation for the video – by using the advertising and marketing art work that was fine-tuned by the Gelish® creative team. “The art work already had a lot of movement, so creating the video to compliment it wasn’t difficult,” said Shaw.
“We literally wanted to take the materials that were already created and make them come alive,” adds David. By adding effects such as twinkling background lights and bulbs, combined with moving halos of light, David and Shaw were able to generate a stunning interpretation of what the Gelish® All About the Glow Collection represents: colors so bright, they make you do a “double-take” when applied.

[Video courtesy of Hand and Nail Harmony]

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