Frequent Fliers

Frequent FliersSuper straight or completely curly, the hairstyles at 3.1 Phillip Lim are sure to send you into the stratosphere.

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Designer: 3.1 Philip Lim

Products: Aveda

If your client’s the type of woman who earns more airline miles than she does dollar signs, then Phillip Lim’s spring offerings will send her packing—delightfully. The contemporary designer set out to make wares that are “ready for travel,” and actually references fly girl Amelia Earhart in his creations. This translates to plenty of separates that can be mixed, matched and gorgeously layered with ease—a fashionable globe-trotter’s dream.

The hair to pair with such jet-set pieces: two glam styles largely dependent on the models’ individual personalities, according to world-renowned stylist Odile Gilbert, who coiffed their locks courtesy of Aveda.

The first look, a mass of kinky curlicues, is packed lightly into the perfect “carry-on” style. Gilbert explains that after she curls the whole head, she simply uses her fingers to lightly fluff the coils into an airy mass. “This keeps the style very innocent...very romantic,” she says.

For the second ’do—a silky, straight mane with first-class shine—Gilbert is testing Aveda’s latest creation: Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother. As she liberally applies the product to model Alison Nix’s blunt bob, Gilbert nods, “It’s straight, but keeps its movement; it looks natural even though we’re manipulating the hair.” Indeed, Nix’s bob moves strand by strand as she trots away without a product-laden clump in sight. Truly, these looks are ready to take flight.

Score This Look

Overhead hair baggage may shift during flight—a movement that can be echoed with the following Aveda products.

Air Control Hair Spray: Light hold fixative

Pure Abundance Hair Potion: Adds texture and volume

Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother: Smooths strands without subtracting movement

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