Once Bitten

Vampire Diaries Ian SomerhalderKey hairstylist Randa Squillacote dishes otherwordly beauty on The Vampire Diaries set.

Feeling a little nip on the back of your neck? LP definitely is! That’s why we were dying to sit down with Randa Squillacote, key hairstylist of the CW’s hit drama The Vampire Diaries, to dig up the show’s most biting beauty secrets.

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“I was fortunate enough to be asked to work on this project by my friend, hair department head Daniel Curet,” smiles Squillacote, who readily welcomed the monsters and mayhem into her life. “For all of the actors, our goal is to keep the ’dos sexy and simple, with minimal changes for each episode to prevent any style inconsistencies.”

So what products does Squillacote sink her teeth into, helping to ensure that all the styles stay put amidst the harsh stage lights, endless scene changes and spine-tingling on-set action? “I’m a product queen,” she confesses. “I like to use White Sands on the actors, particularly the company’s hairsprays as they tend to create brushable yet longlasting hold.”

Since the cast is loaded with some of Hollywood’s most drop-dead gorgeous heartthrobs, there’s just got to be some drama on set. “No, none at all,” Squillacote relates. “The actors on Vampire Diaries are awesome; they’re focused and professional, while remaining laid-back and funny.”

After LP jokingly informs Squillacote that’s she’s being much too democratic, we ask her to ’fess up: Given the choice to either stake her claim on Stefan or Damon, who would she choose? “Oh, I’m a Damon girl,” she says excitedly. “He’s a little naughty, and definitely the badboy type…which probably explains why I’m still single.”

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