Green Scene: On-Trend Greenery Obsessions

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and in celebration of the Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, we present our latest green obsessions. Browse an assortment of accessories and decorative goods for a touch of foliage inspiration. You’ll sparkle like an emerald with these pops of green to dress up yourself and your salon space!

  • DragonFly Verde Pumps from Miss Garcia, courtesy of Miss Garcia.

    Add some green swagger and shimmer to your step with the DragonFly Verde from Miss Garcia. These pumps are inspired by shining jewels and the enchanting world of the dragonfly.


  • “Phoenix” in olive from Perverse Sunglasses, courtesy of Perverse Sunglasses.

    Rose-tinted glasses are so last season. Green is the way to see and be seen! Try the fiercely oversized “Phoenix” in olive from Perverse Sunglasses for a retro glam look!


  • Limited Edition Rosa Mundi Candle from Diptyque, courtesy of Diptyque.
    Limited Edition Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle

    Decorate your salon with this pretty limited edition floral candle from Diptyque. Designed in collaboration with Antoinette Poisson, the candle pairs two delightful roses: Damascena, the Damask rose, and Centifolia, the May rose. 

  • China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener, courtesy of China Glaze
    Grass is Lime Greener by China Glaze, courtesy of China Glaze

    Embrace the greenery with this neon shade, The Grass is Lime Greener from China Glaze. For more verde nail options and inspiration visit our sister site Nail It! and check out Get Your Greenery Inspired Nail Polish Now.

  • Decorative florals and foliage at Studio Fifty-Fifty Salon, courtesy of Studio Fifty-Fifty Salon
    Orchids, Succulents and Bamboo

    Diane Shrake, owner of Studio Fifty-Fifty Salon in Huntington Beach, shares her tips for decorating with florals and foliage. She explains that green orchids with ivy at the base are a great way to set the tone for your salon. The symbolism of the green orchids is that they will bring money and success. They also last about 3 months if you have the right light source. Tip: You can even get them at Costco!

    Orchids not your style? Succulents or bamboo are also a nice way to bring in the green and natural elements.

  • Teddie and Tash necklace, courtesy of Teddie and Tash
    Teddie and Tash Green Deco Dazzle Necklace

    Add a touch of shamrock or pine to your ensemble with a green bracelet, earrings or necklace. We have our eyes on Teddie and Tash's Green Deco Dazzle Necklace.

  • Neon Rainforest Hairstyle Inspiration courtesy of Jaymz Marsters
    Neon Rainforest Hairstyle Inspiration from Jaymz Marsters

    We've got plenty of green hairstyle inspiration for you like this green queen by color master @jaymz.marsters! Head on over to Greenery: Hairstyle Inspiration with PANTONE's Color of the Year to get some zesty spring haircolor ideas.

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