Giving Back: UNITE Donates Christmas Trees and Decorations to San Diego Center for Children

Over the weekend the team at UNITE showed their holiday spirit and donated Christmas trees and decorations to the San Diego Center for Children, a standard in the hair care brand's calendar.

The San Diego Center for Children houses approximately 65 kids and teens who live on campus, so the donated trees went to decorate the cottages where they live. A team of 20 employees from UNITE went to their “Holiday FUNDrive” on Sunday, December 13th to help decorate their trees, donate gifts and learn more about the Center for Children and support the community.

CEO and Founder of UNITE Andrew Dale chooses to support the San Diego Center for Children because it is an organization that has been around for so long and especially the great work they do. "They aren’t a 'Here today, gone tomorrow' kind of place, so that’s why it’s even more important that we support them," Dale said.  

UNITE also pledges support to the San Diego Humane Society because of the fact that they are a no-kill shelter.

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