Get the Look: The Braided Faux-Hawk

When it comes to edgy glamour, no hairstyle does it better than the faux-hawk. A perfect blend of cool girl attitude and feminine flirtatiousness, the look is ideal for those clients who want something bold, fearless and gorgeous.

Naeemah LaFond, global artistic director for Amika, recently created this stunning braided version of the faux-hawk, blending two 2017 hair trends into one. Equal parts edgy and chic — and surprisingly easy to recreate — this style will take your client’s look to the next level. Flip through the slideshow below to see the step-by-step tutorial (plus how-to video!) you need to get the braided faux-hawk in your salon.

  • mohawk braid hairstyle how to
    STEP 1-2:

    Section off the hair into three sections lengthwise from the top of the head through the nape. Clip the left and right side away as you begin the braids in the center section.

    Working with the center section, divide hair into three segments. The first section will include the top three inches of hair; the remaining three segments will be below, split evenly lengthwise through the nape.


  • how to create a faux hawk braid hairstyle on medium long hair
    STEP 3:

    Create a standard, three-strand braid with the top-center section.


  • edgy braid hairstyles for long hair
    STEP 4:

    For the center-left and center-right sections, divide hair into three segments and braid directly onto the scalp to form standard cornrows.

  • cool hair styles for women with medium hair length
    STEP 5:

    Combine all three center-section braids together below the nape of the neck.


  • fauxhawk braid professional tutorial
    STEP 6:

    Apply Amika Haute Mess Texture Gel to the sides of the hair, smooth with a grooming brush towards the nape of the neck and secure with a ponytail holder.


  • cool unique braided hair styles 2017
    STEP 7:

    Braid each side-section after the ponytail holder, and wrap the braids to the opposite side’s middle section towards the crown of the head. Cover the hair partings to fill empty spaces, and tuck ends into the center braid and pin.

  • cornrow braids video tutorial step by step how to
    STEP 8:

    With the center-section braid, which should be the only braid below the nape of the neck, wrap the braid around itself to form a bun and pin.


  • fauxhawk hairstyle for medium length hair women's hair styles
    STEP 9:

    Finish the look with Amika Touchable Hairspray.


  • braided faux hawk hairstyle video tutorial

    Your client is ready to go!





Images courtesy of Amika

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