Portfolio: Hotel Colourfornia by Chrystofer Benson and Greta Coston

Ricky Woodside 37

Photographed in Milan, Italy—an epicenter of world fashion—Chrystofer Benson Collective (CBC) founder Chrystofer Benson and CBC artistic lead director Greta Coston were inspired by the city’s highly stylish denizens and equally beautiful surroundings to conceive their latest collection, Hotel Colourfornia. Here, vibrant colored manes belong to the most sophisticated of women, and bold cuts belong to only the most discerning of dames. “We sought to evoke the feel of pure luxury in this shoot,” explains Benson, who is the artistic director for Matrix. “The models have a sense of refinement, but there’s a young edgy progression to them as well.”

Ricky WoodsideRicky WoodsideRicky Woodside

Ricky Woodside

Ricky Woodside

Photographer: Ricky Woodside
Makeup artist: Giulia Ronzoni
Hair stylists: Chrystofer Benson @cbensonhair & Greta Coston @gretacoston
Model : Carla & Caterin - 2Day Models Milan
Designer outfits by - Yang wing, Givinchy
Jewellery : Fiyah Jewellery London
Location : Hotel Principe Di Savoia, Milan ITALY

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