Danielle Keasling's Express Yourself: Inspired by a Modern '80s Mash-Up

Bigger is better—both in the ’80s and today. Enter Danielle Keasling’s Express Yourself, which was inspired by the past decade’s larger-than-life pop culture amalgamation of music, fashion and hair. “The wild textures and hair colors we used to wear on Halloween or to a Cyndi Lauper or Madonna concert are super popular today,” says Keasling, Great Lengths USA executive artistic director, Matrix US artistic director and Ulta Beauty pro team member. “Extreme hair textures and vibrant hues are two of my favorite things—so I’m truly proud of this particular collection, because it has them both!”

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  • Textured Message

    “I love how the color plays on this model,” enthuses Danielle Keasling. “The texture built into the bottom of the hair really makes the shades spring to life.”

  • Blue Moon

    “I would say that this is the most contemporary look in my collection,” notes Keasling. “The sleek bob is as bold as the model’s blue hue.”

  • Color Rush

    “I adore playing with all types of textures and this platinum blonde exemplifies that,” says Keasling. “The pops of color peeking through her hair add a touch of whimsy to the overall effect.”

  • Tickled Pink

    “Of course I had to weave a rose gold/pink story into this compilation,” shares Keasling. “I seriously think those colors have been popular since I was in high school!”

  • Retro Revival

    Larger-than-life ’80s-inspired hair meets modern styling in this high-fashion ’do.


[Hair/Wardrobe: Danielle Keasling; Photography: Daryna Barykina; Makeup: Lilia Budnik, Samson Smith; Models: Elena Ohlander, Keely Webster, Maggie Lamb]



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