TDMX-Tubos y Depresibles Mexicanos

Calzada Acalotenco # 95
Col. San Sebastian
Mexico, Azcapotzalco 02040

TDMX is a 100% mexican company focused to produce squeezable plastic tubes.  We started operations since 2007 and during this time we have the honour to work with several customers that include national and multinational companies, different industries like personal care, pharma, cosmetics, industrial products and also food industry and also attend different sales channels like retail, direct sales, on-line, etc.

We have a strong focus to work hand on hand with our customers and it help us to create a portfolio with traditional diameters and products and also bring to the market innovations to help our customers to achieve their needs.

As a plastic company we have very clear the importance to work on a sustainable way and for this reason we have developed very interesting alternatives looking to build a better world.  

Years in business:17
Number of employees:150
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central and South America, Caribbean
Sales Channel:Retail, Direct Sales, On-line