Viva Healthcare Packaging

1663 Neilson Road
Toronto, ON M1X 1T1

Discover sustainable primary packaging solutions for your health and beauty products with Viva! Our award-winning tubes and deodorant sticks are decorated using in-mold label technology (IML) and include a mono-material design that is compatible recycling streams. Plus, our tubes, deodorant sticks and heavywall PET jars include options for highest content recycled material. Choose Viva for eco-friendly packaging options that don't sacrifice quality or style.  

Years in business:50
Number of employees:1000
Geographic sales distribution:Canada, USA, South America
Sales Channel:Direct
Services Specialization:

SPECIALIZED SERVICESMono-material design compatible with rigid recycling streams, highest percentage recycled material (PCR), in-mold label decoration, velvet soft touch finish, foil and holographic effects, vacuum metallization, large scale custom development

Product Summary:

MAJOR PRODUCTS Tubes, applicators and closures, deodorant sticks and deodorant stick refill systems, heavy wall PET jars and jar refill systems, cosmetic lipgloss / mascara bottles