Eve Taylor North America / Balnea Therapeutic

Eve Taylor, creator and founder of Eve Taylor London, has been procuring the highest quality essential oils for more than 50 years in over 36 countries around the world.  With her unparalleled experience in aromatherapy, Eve Taylor created a full line of skin and body treatments.  The line includes a variety of therapeutic essential oil blends, a wide range of organic single-note essential oils sourced from countries around the world, and a full collection of advanced, pharmaceutical-grade retail and professional products.

Eve Taylor is truly a one-stop-shop for the spa professional or client looking for pure, natural, high quality, organic ingredients that are pH-balanced and deliver immediate, lasting results to the body and the mind.  Backed by years of research and ever-growing scientific discoveries, along with traditional, holistic practices such as Chinese face mapping and Homeopathy, Eve Taylor offers a harmonious blend of nature’s most effective products with state of the art encapsulated delivery systems that focus on molecular size and efficacy, skin regeneration and pigment treatments that begin on a cellular level with components such as tyrosinase inhibitors and telomeres, and a level of education that goes more than skin deep.  Eve Taylor sheds light on how the whole body is affected by imbalances and how the spa professional can create a consultation that draws clients in for more than a single service, allowing the professional to truly make a difference with a hands-on approach.

Designed with the aesthetician in mind, this product line is diverse, yet simple.  The line is complete in its offerings, providing products for every member of the spa team, therefore providing a complete aromatherapy experience.