Activaderm was founded in December 2013, and is located in Salt Lake City. It is the successor to the non-rehabilitation business of a residual parent called ActivaTek Inc., which was sold to North Coast Medical in March of 2014.

Active Transdermal Drug Delivery (ATDD) involves the application of an electromotive force to transport ions and neutral molecules through the stratum corneum and into the dermis. Ionic drugs or vitamins (charged molecules) are transported actively by the force of the applied electrical field (iontophoresis). Positively charged ions are driven into the skin at the anode while negatively charged ions are driven into the skin at the cathode. In laymen’s terms, a third party drug or vitamin is applied in gel form to our patches or skin. The patch is wired or wireless and an electrical micro current charge drives the subject drug into the body over time.

ATDD is used to both increase and accelerate local permeation of solutions through a patient’s skin. The application of an electric field to the skin greatly enhances the skin’s permeability to various ionic agents compared to traditional passive delivery techniques. The use of ATDD techniques has obviated the need for hypodermic injection of many solutions, thereby eliminating the concomitant problems of trauma, pain and risk of infection to the patient and drug systemic effects. This, among other novel processes, forms a basis for the new company’s patent applications.