The Flavor Outsource

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OUTSOURCE your flavor analysis and flavor development needs and get results fast!

We have 34 years of flavor and food product development and analysis experience.   Our goal is to provide our customers with flavor and fragrance formulation information and solutions for 
food development and processing problems.  We provide an affordable means for companies to "outsource" the expertises of the flavorist, the flavor analytical chemist, and the food development technologist.

Analytical (Overview)
We provide GC/MS analysis flavor, fragrance, and food products. We also provide volatile extraction expertise and sample preparation services.

Flavor Creation (Overview)
We supply the flavor or fragrance creation support to construct a formula that mimics a desired flavor or fragrance.  We accomplish this through our analysis and expert interpretation of the data.

Product Development Consulting (Overview)
We will provide consulting on product development issues.  This includes information on processing, ingredient interactions, packaging, shelf-life, flavor selection, and evaluation.