Saian LLC


At SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skincare, we are committed to producing superior quality, highly concentrated, ingredient-dense skincare products which deliver dramatic instant and cumulative results. Our company’s professional products are known for their dramatic results, and since 2007, we have been helping skin care professionals around the world elevate their level of success with clients and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

We offer a broad spectrum of professional grade clinical paraben-free skincare products, tools, handheld innovative equipment and supplements to promote total health and beauty. Our workshop classes and seminars promote a well-rounded educational curriculum encompassing topical treatments, equipment knowledge, ingredient knowledge, exercises for facial and whole body rejuvenation, and nutrition. We have a distribution location and training center in Sweden, distributors in Canada, Philippines, Macau, and Myanmar. Our main SAIAN office is based in North Hollywood, California. We proudly manufacture all skincare products in USA, Germany and France.