Colorist Kristie Kesic's Sunset Inspired Horizon Collection

Insprired by a sunset, colorist Kristie Kesic captures haircolor designs that are as beautiful as the brightest star's daily departure. 

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The beauty of a sun setting along a desert horizon was all the inspiration Kristie Kesic needed when envisioning her Horizon collection, which captures soft, wearable colors that are as lovely as they are transcendent. Kesic, who hails from Stelios Papas salon in Toowong, Australia, tapped varying shapes and textures that work harmoniously to complement the color contours she used to accentuate the hair’s form. “Contrasting yet soft and layered colors draw eyes to the movement of every style,” explains Kesic. “Intentionally placed color encourages the discovery of every element of each style without overpowering.”

  • Ebb and Flow

    “Visual placement supports a unique application on every canvas,” says Kristie Kesic. “Such placement allows highs and lows to contour shape, layer tones and simulate movement and dimension.”

  • Soft Meets Strong

    “The color work softens what would usually be seen as strong shapes within the hair design and makes the design aesthetically pleasing,” notes Kesic of this bold look.

  • Move It

    A flaxen blonde canvas is accentuated by darker nuances throughout, imparting movement and eliciting onlookers to carefully observe each facet of the color design while absorbing the overall effect.


[Colorist: Kristie Kesic; Stylist: Elle Schoermaker; Salon: Stelios Papas Toowong; Makeup: Gemma Elaine; Photographer: Elizabeth Maleevsky]


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