Beard Baubles - Decorating for the Holidays

The hottest trend floating around the beard community this holiday season is: beard decorating! From attaching beard baubles to using lights, beard decorating has become a sure fire way of expressing one's creativity and sometimes even raising money and awareness for various charities. 

Here are a few of the coolest holiday beards to inspire your holiday decorating!


    Valencia Lopez went all out this season and beautifully applied glitter and flowers. His more classic holiday look was achieved by adding ornaments directly onto his beard.

    [Images: Hayden Su Photography]

  • Going caroling this season? Try adding a wreath around your beard like Joe Mills did here!

    [Image: Joe Mills]

  • Ben Ronick has been counting down the days until Christmas by using common holiday decorations to adorn his beard!

    [Image: Ben Ronick]

  • Stefano attached bows to his beard to achieve this look he calls: ChristmasBeard.

    [Image: Stefano]

  • Michael Griffiths is using this season to raise awareness for Bowel Cancer. He plans to decorate his beard for the Decembeard Movement in support of Beating Bowel Cancer. 

    Click Here to learn more about Griffith's fundraising site.

    [Image: Michael Griffiths]

  • Mr. Booze uses a classic Santa hat to accentuate the ornaments and glitter he uses to achieve these festive looks.

    [Image: Booze_Baccy]

  • Luke hid lights in his beard to dazzle the senses for an incredible holiday beard.

    [Image: lshaffer22]

  • Not ready to douse your beard in glitter or attach ornament hooks to your beard this holiday season? Beardaments has got you covered. 

    A set includes a 12-pack of original Beardaments with attached clips for maximum beard attachment. A 12-pack includes four red, four green, two silver and two gold Beardaments.

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