Tracey Devine-Smith's Twilight Texture Collection

The latest endeavor from Affinage Salon Professional is an exploration in varying textures.

Twilight Texture, by Tracey Devine-Smith for Affinage Salon Professional, is a collection of varying looks that shine the spotlight on organic-looking (yet fine-tuned!) finishes on diverse hair types. “Since the focus of this shoot was on the styling, we wanted to showcase the looks in black and white to really emphasize that element,” says Devine-Smith. “It was definitely a different experience for our team, as we still had to color the hair, but get the balance of shades and tones just right so that they would read well in black and white and complement the models’ textured looks. We put in long hours to execute this collection, but seeing the final results made the work worth it!”


  • All the Strength

    “This look is all about strength and the diversity of hair,” notes Tracey Devine-Smith. “I played with balancing blunt edges and spontaneous lines. I wanted to show that sharp and strong hair doesn’t have to be about straight lines! You can add so much texture and movement by varying the length of sections within the hair and keeping the edges crisp. I added lift to the style with ASP Kitoko ARTE Texture Perfect Soft Clay.”

  • New Heights

    “This is a perfect gravity-defying look,” notes Devine-Smith. “ASP Kitoko ARTE Crystal Clear Sculpting Wax was integral in creating the style as it helped to add lift and soft texture without clumping the hair together. This look is focused on controlled movement. The hair appears free and natural, but at the same time, every piece is exactly where it should be.”

  • Tap Into Texture

    “Our team really transformed this model’s hair,” enthuses Devine-Smith. “Our aim for this look was to take volume to the next level. To achieve this, I crimped small sections of hair, making sure that the crimping wasn’t perfectly in line in order to stop the waves from sitting within each other; I wanted them to sit irregularly to enhance texture and depth. I added a lot of volume to the roots with ASP Kitoko ARTE Style Extend Dry Shampoo, which also bestowed a matte finish.”

  • Make Waves

    “For this look, I wanted to portray that texture could be soft and delicate,” says Devine-Smith. “The model had incredible long hair, so I focused on enhancing the volume with a mixture of waves and curls. Along the roots and upper sections, I kept the style loose and very free-flowing with strong bountiful curls toward the ends.”


[Hair: Tracey Devine-Smith for Affinage Salon Professional; Styling: Desiree Lederer; Makeup: Maddie Austin; Photography: Richard Miles; Products: ASP Affinage Salon Professional]

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