8 Hair Trends for Spring

Spring has officially sprung, and that means fresh, new beauty trends are sure to be cropping up in salons across the country. Austin-based Jose Luis Salon is no exception, having recently revealed its list of 8 top trends for Spring 2016. From big, bold braids to fabulous fringe, and everything in between, these 8 hair trends will keep your clients looking fresh and feeling good all season long!

  • Trend 1: Braids
  • Trend 2: Hair Accessories
  • Trend 2: Hair Accessories
  • Trend 3: Sleek Updos
  • Trend 3: Sleek Updos
  • Trend 4: Long Hair with Fringe
  • Trend 5: Sleek and Subtle Waves
  • Trend 6: Unique Styles
  • Trend 7: Sleek, Short Hair
  • Trend 8: Youthful Waves

Images courtesy of Jose Luis Salon

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