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“The SS16 Nasir Mazhar collection represents the fire and inspiration of the streets. I wanted to create an army of real people to represent a real collection,” explains designer Nasir Mazhar. To complement the collection, session stylist Ali Pirzadeh created the hairstyles to be all about attitude and individualism. "No two looks are alike as are no two hair styles,” says Pirzadeh. MEN- GET-THE-LOOK

You've mastered the cat eye, but have you tried the Puppy Eye? Ciaté shares how to achieve this new trend from Korea with a downward flick of liner. The style follows the curve of the eye to create a doe-eyed innocent look for beautiful, opened up eyes. Unlike the sexy feline flick, this look accentuates the roundness of your eye shape to create the appearance of larger eyes. Just don't go overboard as you can end up drawing too low and looking upset!Get the look:Products:

6th Annual Beauty Drive Raises over $220,00 for Beauty Bus Foundation
Beauty Launchpad joined Beauty Bus for the 6th Annual Beauty Drive on June 14th, 2015 where over $220,00 was raised to help support the foundation's mission to provide beauty services to the chronically and terminally ill and their caregivers. The organization was founded in memory of Melissa Marantz Nealy who passed away at the age of 28 from a degenerative neuromuscular disease. Melissa loved a spa day and when she was unable to leave home due to her illness, her family scheduled in-home beauty services to bring her a little joy.

Nail artist Julie Kandalec shares how to create this bright and cheerful summer Sunbrella nail look with essie's summer 2015 collection! essie Products and Tools:Private WeekendChillatoPeach Side BabeSunset SneaksStriping Brush1. Apply a layer of first base base coat followed by two coats of private weekend.

The “fun in the sun” season can cause great stress and damage to our hair from the exposure to the sun’s rays, salt water and chlorine. Ricky Pennisi, leading stylist, specialist in curly hair and founder of RI CI, shares his go-to five tips to protect your hair this summer. 

The time for summer getaways is here, but all the stress and excitement of traveling can take its toll on your skin. We spoke to Gabriel De Santino, President/CEO of Gabriel Cosmetics Inc., to get his top beauty tips for staying radiant on-the-go. There’s no need to bring the bathroom sink on your trip, you just need few key beauty essentials!

Guest Blog: The Power of a Team
In the book “Now Discover Your Strengths,” Donald Clifton and Markus Buckingham explain that every human is born with innate strengths that develop naturally as we mature. The problem that arises is that we are taught to focus on improving our weaknesses rather than spending that same energy on developing our natural strengths. Think back to elementary school…what subjects did you study most?  The classes that you received straight A’s or the classes you had to struggle to eek out a D?

Hundreds of applicants nationwide entered for the opportunity to be selected this year’s Goldwell Color Zoom Global Creative Colorist, Global New Talent Colorist, and Global Partner Colorist winners. Contestants were challenged to bring their creativity to life, interpreting this year’s Traditional Rebels trend and color collection, a celebration of stunning color combinations and tribal influences. 

By Giuseppina Ferrarelli of De La Mer Salon

To celebrate Father's Day, we're giving away the Bolero Brush Collection from Spornette to 5 winners!Enter Here!The Bolero blush line from Spornette is dedicated to men and their beauty needs. The collection includes four brushes: the rectangular Bolero Boar Styler, the Bolero Beard and Mustache Styler, the Bolero Nylon Styler and the Bolero Row Styler. Spornette proudly contributes to prostate cancer research.

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