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Lead Hair Stylist Tamara McNaughton for Cutler/Redken Salon explains, “The FRAME Denim girl has a relaxed attitude and bohemian sensibility. Using Ali MacGraw’s 1970’s youthful beauty and iconic style as our reference point this season, we departed from the typical ‘perfect hair’ seen in fashion and created a natural realism with very loose, roughed up, textured waves.”

PBA's "I Am Licensed" Campaign Wins 2015 Public Affairs Council Grassroots Innov
The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) received the Public Affairs Council’s (PAC) 2015 Grassroots Innovation Award for Social Media Innovation for the “I Am Licensed” campaign.The Grassroots Innovation Awards were presented February 5, 2015, at the Council’s National Grassroots Conference in Florida, and winners were invited to present their innovations during one of the conference’s keynote sessions.

Three Options for Parts on Disconnected Undercuts
One of the most important decisions a stylist makes when placing disconnection in undercut shapes is how high or low to take the part. David Boyd, Sam Villa ArTeam, demonstrates:

On February 6th, National Wear Red Day, Farouk Systems Inc. employees wore red to show support and help shed light on the importance of saving women's lives who are at risk for vascular and heart health issues. Go Red! is a national movement to show support in helping women to beat heart disease and stroke. Statistically, each year - 1 in 3 women die of heart disease and stroke.

From Red to Blonde by Nicoletta Whitaker of Aureilo Salon
When Nicoletta Whitaker of Aureilo Salon had a guest request to change her haircolor from red to blonde, she knew she was in for a challenge. She informed the client that it would not happen over night and would take multiple visits, but both were up for the challenge and this is how it went down.

Watch! Create the South of France Haircut
Tap into Texture! Andis Educator Kenny Duncan shares how to cut a style inspired by Usher and The South of France. The hairstyle features a starburst fade on each side. Watch Kenny to get his haircutting tips and learn how to create the look: BEFORE: AFTER: [Images courtesy of Andis]

Watch! A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Eden Sassoon's Haircut
Take a behind-the-scenes look as Mark Hayes cuts Eden Sassoon's hair! [Image courtesy of Randy Taylor]

Tap into Texture! Andis Educator Kenny Duncan shares how to cut the crop! He demonstrates a total transformation inspired by styles from Hollywood seen on stars including Rihanna and Halle Berry. BEFORE: AFTER: [Images courtesy of Andis]

Invisi-tab celebrity stylist and Creative Director Ron King explains what makes Invisi-tab different from other hair extensions at ISSE 2015:   See Launchpad's Managing Editor Alyson Osterman-Kerr get a complete Invisi-tab makeover HERE!

Farouk Systems, the maker of CHI, sponsored this year’s Miss Universe pageant, as well as brought together both CHI Hair Care and the Miss Universe Style Illuminate Line by CHI to work with the styling needs of nearly ninety contestants from different countries around the world.  

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