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Beauty enthusiasts gathered to share their love for beauty at Siren Studios on August 24 in Hollywood, CA at BeautyCon 2013. From celebrity stylist beauty gurus (including Joico's George Papanikolas!) to YouTube personalities and celebrities, insiders offered tips and inspired one another. Over 25 brands offered visitors to BeautyCon an interactive experience. The event was clearly the place to be on Saturday, as evidenced by the 3 block long line of beauty fans hoping to attend. Some guests admitted that they had been waiting in line for 4 hours! 

NYX Cosmetics brought together 6 young talented up-and-coming beauty vloggers to compete for the title of National Beauty Vlogger of the Year. Not only does the winner receive $25,000 in cash, but she also will experience an opportunity of a lifetime to help propel her career in beauty.

Beauty Events: LA BeautyCon Aug. 24th!
  Are you going to BeautyCon? It's the first and only in-person social media interactive fashion and beauty experience, meaning it's like a traditional trade show meets your smartphone! And it's all happening Saturday, August 24th.

Hair Styles How To: Bring Light Blondes Back to Their Natural Color
With the weather cooling down, some light summer blondes will request to go back to their natural hair color. However, it's not always simple to keep newly darkened strands dimensional and fresh, especially since bleached out hair can over-absorb dye. Take a peak at Teresa's three-minute tutorial for the best way to go about darkening blonde.

Survey Results: Second Day Hair
A-list celebrities are doing it and so are most American women — there are new priorities when it comes to hair washing and styling routines.According to the nationwide “Second Day Hair Survey” conducted by T3, high-end hair tool manufacturer, hair health and time savings are what are top-of-mind for American women today when it comes to washing their hair. And apparently they’ve been listening to the experts.

Glenda Vaquerano talks about Sexy Hair's yearly walk-a-thon for Look Good Feel Better!

Talented hairdressers from all over the world gathered at Scruples’ Symposium August 4 – 5, 2013 at the luxurious new Radisson Blu Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With Scruples inviting family culture and education aimed to motivate, it didn’t take long for veterans and new educators to feel like they were part of the Scruples family.

Hair Styles How To: Makeover: Cara by Diadema
Hair: Diadema  |  Art Director: Fabio Messina  |  Photography: Andrea Rainoldi Makeup: Cristina Marzo per 2001 Milano   |  Stylist: Chiara Tubia (Click the page numbers below to see each step) [pagebreak] Step 1:  Part the hair on the left and divide it from ear to ear.

The Woman of Every Hair Color: Katy Perry
Katy Perry's strands have seen it all. Colorful stage wigs aside, the theatrical young singer seems to be able to pull off every hair color imaginable. The proof? She's tried just about every one. Which of these crazy colors do you like best? »[pagebreak]

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