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Oribe Hair Care Appoints James Pecis as Visiting Creative Director
Oribe Hair Care is excited to announce hair stylist James Pecis as its new Visiting Creative Director. As one of today’s emerging voices in the world of editorial and runway hair, James will bring his vast expertise to the brand and will help collaborate on new products, education events and training, editorial shoots and fashion weeks around the world.

Matrix's New COLORINSIDER Color Concentrates
Intensify, brighten and lift beautiful, permanent haircolor with the NEW! COLORINSIDER Color Concentrates! Specifically designed to boost COLORINSIDER formulas, the new Concentrates will give stylists and colorists even more flexibility to create vibrant, gorgeous looks. The COLORINSIDER Concentrates are prominent in our new Matrix Trend Collection, True Pioneers, which is inspired by the panoramic color and rustic styles of the American West.

Out with the old and in with the new…to be competitive in today’s market, a salon has to get digital. Even if the salon isn’t, any stylist can use a smartphone or iPad to make their consultation more interactive and results more predictable. Dominique DeFrancesco, stylist at De La Mer Salon  (Bellmore, NY), says it’s especially useful when the seasons change and guests are looking for something new. Why? Because a visual of the new look can be shown to the guest BEFORE the service, so they can actually see if they like the look on themselves.

Redken's Guido explains: "It’s a bit boyish and inspired by Sade, who was an English singer in the 80s, but it’s got some height in the font and it’s kind of squared off, meaning it’s not a pulled back, round ponytail. I started by blow drying the hair very smooth using Redken’s guts 10 and shape factor 22, which I applied at the forehead and just raked through with my fingers because it’s got that great hold and adds a little bit of lift.

Square Salon in Las Vegas is launching a new hair academy in January 2016. Lead owner, Barbara Garcia-Grove launches this exciting endeavor with stylists, Dennis Marshall-Cooper (Creative & Education Director) and Jenny Savage (Education Director) to focus on trends and latest styling color techniques. 

Watch!The Squeeze & Snip Nipper from Tweezerman
Find out how to use the Squeeze and Snip Nipper from Tweezerman. This stainless steel nipper has a super easy to use grip for one handed use providing amazing comfort, handling and control. Learn how to trim cuticles and hangnails with ultimate precision!   [Video courtesy of Tweezerman]

“As hairdressers, we’re always trying to teach our guests something about their hair, but I’ve found that when I ask naturally textured guests how they style their hair, I usually end up learning something from them, because they have embraced their natural texture and know more about it than anyone” says Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa.

Give your french tips a colorful tribal twist! Los Angeles based celebrity manicurist, Michelle Saunders shows you how to create this geometric French manicure using essie nail polish colors, russian roulette, lapis of luxury and go overboard. 

Mattia Esposito explains the technique behind the braided hairstyles for cutting-edge designer, C.J. YAO's SS 2016 collection, "3721" at London Fashion Week's Fashion Scout. The concept behind the collection is to capture the rush of hot blood and excitement from acting on impulse. C.J. YAO hopes to translate the essence of youth culture with her designs.

In the middle of her hair appointment, Launchpad's Lizzy Sherman interviews Guy Tang about his journey as a hairstylist. From moving to Los Angeles with no clients, to dealing with bad Yelp reviews and online haters, Guy Tang shares inspirational personal stories and advice straight from the heart.  Check out some highlights from the interview below or watch the full video on Periscope:

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