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LP readers declare their top products in our sixth annual Readers Choice Awards! Yet again, Dear Readers, you have spoken! After counting thousands of votes, LP has tallied your top products in no less than 59 
chart-topping categories. Did your fave smash product 
make it onto our top three hit list? Read on to see!

Cast Away
Is he beginning to look a little gnarled and worse for wear? These youth-bestowing products will send his withering looks adrift. View PDF version »

What's on the Men-u?
Though times may be challenging, one sector of your salon is growing steadily—men’s grooming. Learn about the latest men’s trends and products to keep him coiffed, polished and, above all, man-happy. View PDF version here »

Pure Menergy
Move aside, metrosexuals.  The manly man is back—with a vengeance! View PDF version here »

Primp My Hide
Since more and more men are getting revved up about caring for their skin, we’ve rounded up some products to help steer them in the right direction. View PDF version here »  

Homme Improvement
You can remodel him. You have the tools to build him into the perfect specimen. Sharper, cleaner and sexier than ever before. View PDF version here »

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