Eye Shadow

The Phoenix bursting into a ball of fire only to rise from its ashes has always held a place in designers' hearts—perhaps because it symbolizes rebirth, renewal and, therefore immortality. It's a popular inciter of ideas, and plays that role for designer Toni Francesc's Fall 2011 showing. The accompanying beauty aptly follows suit, with eyes enveloped in a wide wingspan of black liner and straight, thick faux lashes. Key makeup artist Jackie Mgido dreams up the avian allure, using Mehron products.  

Nature Calls
Fibonacci number patterns, the golden ratio, section and mean: The mathematics behind the pattern of a branch or the swirling of a flower's petals may play large part in what attracts us to nature's beauty. Feeling this nature's call, makeup artist Iris Moreau and photographer Dorit Thies find their muse in the lush textures and bright hues of flora.

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Brace for Impact
Bold color, lively combinations, sheer applications: Spring’s makeup stimulus package emboldens wearers to create an impact. by Karie L. Frost

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Role Reversal
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Stare Masters
The windows to our souls receive plenty of play this season.View PDF version with MORE images »

Fit for Fetes
She'll look bash-tacular when you glam her up with the latest holiday makeup. Click to view Violet Femme, Blue Flame and Ruby Beauty trends matched with new holiday cosmetics »

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