Bait for Controversy: Fish Pedicures
Fish pedicures. Banned in several of the United States and Canadian provinces, the practice is believed by many cosmetology regulators to be unsanitary. Small fish called Garra rufa, also known as "doctor fish," nibble away at the dead, callused skin of clients, leaving behind smooth, soft results. The oft-debated issue with regard to fish pedicures is whether sanitary conditions can be ensured. After all, one can't exactly disinfect a fish. And as for the option of discarding each fish after use, questions of cruelty and/or expenses come into play.

BEAUTY NEWS:  Most Women Choose Gorgeous Skin Over Designer Wardrobe
It’s no secret that women want to look beautiful—and young. According to results from a recently released Syneron Consumer Beauty Insights Survey of over 1,000 women over age 25, 79 percent said that having youthful skin would make them feel more confident than a designer wardrobe. Who knew? When it comes to working it, a glowing complexion and a line-free face equal the X-Factor. Instead of heading to Bloomingdales, march over to your dermatologist. When it comes to how women feel about their face and body, know this:

Building upon the initial success of its launch at Cosmoprof Bologna in March 2012, the 11 participants of the California: A State of Beauty Pavilion have since generated more than $13 million in export sales, entered 27 distinct markets and created 54 jobs in just nine short months.  Organized by the Center for International Trade Development (CITD) in Long Beach, this export initiative has selected twenty-nine brands to be part of their exclusive 2013 California: A State of Beauty Pavilions at both Cosmoprof Bologna and newly added Beauty World Dubai.

Typically, you wouldn't think of oxygen as a negative element—it’s the primary component for life, we need it to breathe and it fuels life for all living things, but too much of a good thing can be detrimental (think: Christmas cookies). Consider for a moment what happens when you bite into an apple and get up to do something.  Your apple begins to brown because its skin has been oxidized.  Similarly, your skin is bombarded daily with elements in the environment that can affect how fast you appear to age.

Beauty News: Marmur Medical Opening
On November 14th, Dr. Ellen Marmur celebrated the opening of Marmur Medical. The event was held on the Upper East Side at Marmur Medical, which is located between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Guests and staff (Dr. Rebecca Siegel, Mental Health/Therapy, Courtney Sahn, Nutritionist, Maria Adam, Homeopath, and Thomas Health, Fitness) enjoyed hor d'eurves and wine.

With the right tips, tricks and treatments turning back the clock can be as easy as simple as opening your makeup bag or a visit to your dermatologist for the latest skincare treatment – and it all starts with your eyes.  They say the eyes have it.   But is the skin around your eyes revealing something more, like your age? Most people at some point start to age, it’s inevitable, and unfortunately for some it comes sooner than hoped.

With winter approaching, many adventurous spirits are preparing for winter sports. “This extreme weather can take a large toll on your skin,” says Dr. David Bank, Founder and Director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.  Dryness is a huge problem in the winter months; therefore, different sports require different steps to maintain healthy, glowing skin in harsh elements.Dr. Bank breaks down skin care tips for your favorite winter sports. [pagebreak]SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING

Beauty Industry News: 2012 Nail, Skin and Hair Trends
Every year, trends are discovered at Cosmoprof North America (CPNA). Celebrating its 10th anniversary in Las Vegas this past July, the professional beauty show featured the latest in spa and salon products, drew 25,000 attendees, 856 exhibitors, and had a 9% attendance increase versus last year. Retailers and innovation seekers scoured countless aisles to find new brands and categories to introduce to their consumers. Many of the trends discovered at CPNA are usually found on runways during fashion week and in fashion magazines.

Makeup FASHION: Honor at NYFW Spring/Summer 2013
Want to create the looks seen at the NYFW Spring 2013 runway presentation for Honor?  We have the inside scoop on the products used:Makeup:·Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer·Stila Sheer Pressed Powder·Stila Jewel Eyeshadow in Opal·Stila Glamoureyes Mascara·Stila Custom Color Blush Self-Adjusting Bronze·Stila Banana Lip Glaze·Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in KittenSkincare:·Erno Laszlo Luminous Eye Complex·Erno Laszlo Light Controlling Lotion

Body Makeup Products | G The Body Art Professional | Glitter Tattoos Products
Senior associate editor Alyson Kerr talks with Beatrice Fogle, VP of sales and marketing for G The Body Art Professional, makers of professional glitter body art products with Swarovski Crystals (temporary, though they can last up to 7 days and more)!

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